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A website is an organized collection of web pages that allows a visitor to wander all over the website in whatever order they wish. Often, too much information is actually a downside of a website...and people leave without contacting the company by email or phone...and the business owner has no way of contacting them.

A funnel is an organized collection of web pages that guides a visitor on a very specific path, from the first page in the funnel to the next page, to the next page, etc until the visitor arrives on the last page. This collection of pages normally has one specific purpose...normally to generate a "lead" by providing some sort of value or information in exchange for contact information...or to generate a sale.

If you want to generate leads...interested people...you need lead generation funnels

If you want to generate online sales...and you want your customers to happily spend more than they intended to...you need sales funnels

Here's how to get your FREE High-Converting Funnel...
  • Step 1 - You'll fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page and submit it.
  • Step 2 - I'll have a look at it and then go research your website and links to whatever else you've submitted. 
  • Step 3 - We'll get on the phone together and discuss WHO your ideal customer/client is...WHERE you currently reach them or find them...WHAT BAIT or attention-grabbing offer we can use to attract them...and WHAT RESULT, ideally biggest result would you like to give them or what result do you think your customer really wants. 
  • Step 4 - I'll build Version 1.0 of your funnel.
  • Step 5 - I'll make it go "live", I'll send some traffic to it and we'll watch what happens over 30 days...testing and tweaking based on your ideal customer's response to it! By the end of 30 days we should have a high-converting funnel...whether it's generating leads for you to contact or generating product sales for you to fulfill on!
It won't be long before you can make an educated decision about whether you want to continue to use funnels in your business or not!
Application Questionnaire
(Please answer ALL of the questions as accurately as you can!)
1. What would you say your biggest marketing challenges are right now? What ISN'T working?
2. List each method of marketing you're using right now, followed by its cost (per month):
3. Which marketing methods are currently bringing you the most business? (Do you actually KNOW?)
4. List your 3 biggest competitors. (Indicate if they are local or not.)
5. Describe your IDEAL future customer or client:
6. Are you currently collecting “contact information” for each customer you have? Are you storing it in a database, spreadsheet or some “customer management” software?
7. List your Top 5 “Most Frequently Sold” products or services.
8. List your Top 5 “Most Profitable” products or services (least amount of time involved/most profit margin).
9. Enter your website address, Facebook page address, YouTube channel, LinkedIn address, etc...
10. What would you like to see happen in your business during the next year? Describe in detail. (Include your current Annual Revenue, and where you’d like it to be 12 months from now.)
Additional Comments?
"In any month I don't get you at least *[X] new leads,
you don't pay the next Monthly Management Fee!"
* This is a "mutually agreed upon" number that will be based primarily on your current sales figures.
This guarantee applies to "PPC Total Package" and "PPC Manangement".
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